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The SHORESOXTM erosion control system has been installed along shorelines of public and private waterways and professional golf courses throughout the United States.

As a bio-engineered erosion control solution, SHORESOXTM immediately arrests shoreline and hillside erosion, providing a strong foundation for re-vegetation… nature’s most effective means of shoreline and hillside erosion control. SHORESOXTM is a high-quality, easy-to-install and cost-effective solution for shoreline and hillside erosion control management. It is the only erosion control solution that encompasses the shore bank and fully integrates into the bank or hillside- ultimately becoming part of the earth.

Since the SHORESOXTM system is attached directly to the intact shore bank – permits are easily obtained. Unlike other devices we never attach to the shore bed. In fact, as SHORESOXTM continues to prove its environmental efficacy, governing agencies are appreciating the uniqueness of SHORESOXTM. Some agencies no longer require permits for installation of SHORESOXTM.



Here’s what the South Florida Water Management District Office stated in response to the question of whether SHORESOXTM needs a permit for installation:


I enjoyed meeting you and seeing your demonstration of the SHORESOXTM system.   The goal of the installation is stabilization of the existing shoreline / water interface slope and is not intended to correct any existing deficiencies in the overall lake bank slope (flattening any existing areas that are steeper than the 4:1 criteria). There is no proposed earthwork to take place nor any changes to the water management system. Therefore, installation of the SHORESOXTM would NOT require a permit from our agency. There is nothing in the product design or placement method that would be prohibited or regulated by our criteria and it would be considered maintenance.

Best wishes,


Jeff Gronborg, P. E. Supervising Engineer

Environmental Resource Compliance South Florida Water Management District Office (561) 682-6593

3301 Gun Club Road

West Palm Beach, FL 33406 www.sfwmd.gov





SHORESOXTM has been featured on television programs such as “Minnesota Bound,” and TV news channels. Our shoreline erosion control product has been the subject of multiple newspaper and magazine articles. The September 2014 issue of “Land and Water Magazine,” featured SHORESOXTM and its “natural living systems” approach to shoreline and hillside erosion management. SHORESOXTM was also highlighted in several articles in Erosion Control Magazine, recognized by the International Erosion Control Association (IECA).





“I was introduced to the SHORESOXTM concept in 2007. SHORESOXTM was a new idea for erosion control and had been used in some northern locations but not in Florida.

I felt that the SHORESOXTM system was a good solution to solve lake bank erosion issues and decided to give it a try. We have installed over 1000 linear feet on lake banks at different locations at Tiburon Golf and Country Club. Six years after our first installation, the system has proven to be highly effective. Lake bank erosion has been stopped at all sites and the material appears to be as strong as when it was originally installed.

The design of the Tiburon golf courses calls for pine straw and native plants instead of turf on tee slopes. These slopes can begin to erode over time especially during a heavy rain. Lightweight erosion mats were used on tee slopes when the course was built but were no longer effective. We installed the SHORESOXTM mat on some slopes that were having erosion issues and expect to have it hold slopes in place for the long term. There has been no movement of the soil or even the pine straw on these slopes since installation. The SHORESOXTM system can be used for many applications where erosion control is needed.”



Lou Conzelmann CGCS

Director of Golf Course Operations

Tiburon Golf Club



“SHORESOXTM began introducing its valuable product to south Florida in 2007. It was perfect timing. I had been looking for something to hold a very steep embankment in place for Phase 1 of a habitat restoration project that I was working on.

This covered a 180’ stretch of 50 year old drainage district canal where the shoreline had slowly been eroding into the waterway. We started with the 6’ SHORESOXTM system and by the time we completed the installation we were using the new open 25’ long section. This section of SHORESOXTM was first used on a 30’ stretch of the embankment where we most wanted to protect from further erosion.

There are 2 layers of 5’ long SHORESOXTM that float in the water; even 4 years later again, show no signs of degradation. The SHORESOXTM has become covered in a layer of sediment, where some plants (grasses and small shrubs) have taken hold. The slider turtles routinely haul out on these for sun.

I believe embankment will be an effective and cost saving measure to address the shoreline erosion that occurred.”


Nora Egan Demers PHD

Florida Gulf Coast University

Associate Professor of Biology and Interdisciplinary Studies

The views and opinions expressed in this page are strictly those of the author and in no way represent those of FGCU or the FGCU board of trustees.



Lake and Wetland Management Inc.

Testimonial for SHORESOXTM


Lake and Wetland Management Inc. was founded in 1992. We pride ourselves as being one of Florida’s largest and most knowledgeable service companies in our diverse industry. We were asked to write a testimonial for SHORESOXTM and we readily agreed.

The one area that we had never delved into was offering installation of erosion control products. Nothing on the market had strong enough results. We were not willing to risk our reputation on inferior products and poor results. Then we discovered SHORESOXTM.

We were first introduced to SHORESOXTM in 2007 by Lou Conzelmann, GC Superintendent of Tiburon, one of Florida’s largest and most prestigious golf course communities. He had already witnessed firsthand, the effectiveness of this product at Tiburon.

We watched and studied this unique erosion control system. SHORESOXTM had over a decade of research and development in the extreme weather variations in Minnesota. It was then introduced to Florida.

After 5 years from the original installation at Tiburon and other field applications, I personally have seen no erosion at all within the areas where the system was installed.

We have always taken the ecofriendly approach to erosion control by planting littoral plants and shrubs along shorelines to help develop new root systems, slow down erosion, and filter runoff water.

The SHORESOXTM system enabled us to combine the best of both worlds. Using SHORESOXTM with the plantings provided the best results we’ve ever seen.

I was extremely impressed to see how natural the SHORESOXTM system adapted to the severe erosion conditions in the state of Florida. SHORESOXTM has proven solid results on a consistent basis.

The burlap lining of SHORESOXTM enables the system to retain water in the Florida drought allowing the plants to flourish even during extremely hot and dry Florida summers. In fact, the University of Florida, removed a length of drenched, already installed SHORESOXTM and laid it out in the hot Florida sun for 30 days. I was amazed that SHORESOXTM retained approximately 32% of its moisture content.

I was most impressed with the engineering behind SHORESOXTM and its patented subsurface anchoring system. SHORESOXTM has the ability to anchor directly into the top of the stable bank and immediately halt all further erosion along the shoreline. There is no other erosion control device like it on the market.

I have hundreds of clients here in Florida. I invited Daniel, the founder and CEO of SHORESOXTM to Florida to meet my company and initially introduced him to 10 of our existing clients. I wanted to get their reactions of the system and see if this was something that they would be interested in trying in their communities. By the end of that day, I had 3 new contracts that resulted in installation of over 1000 feet of SHORESOXTM.

After seeing that, I knew this was the beginning of Lake and Wetland Management taking on the Erosion Restoration Business, one of the only environmental services that I was never able to offer before.

In our first year, we had installed approximately 5 miles of SHORESOXTM for numerous customers in various applications throughout the state of Florida.

The things that I love most about the SHORESOXTM system are how eco-friendly it is to our environment, the simplicity of the installation process and how affordable it is to our clients compared to other erosion control methods such as rip rap rock, Geo-Tube, etc.

There are only a few other methods of shoreline erosion control in the state. We found that introducing SHORESOXTM to Florida has been very successful since our state agency does not require any permits for SHORESOXTM. It is considered a soft armored shell, holds locally sourced organic material that naturally degrades and self- levels over time. It also has ability to allow plants and grasses to naturally grow within the system. It does not interfere or change the water management system. After careful consideration, our state agency has concluded that the use of SHORESOXTM is simply “maintenance”.

We have recently introduced SHORESOXTM to our local county municipalities. Not only did they like it- they added it to their bid specs as a code requirement.

Lake and Wetland Management requested to become a state distributor for SHORESOXTM.

Due to word of mouth from our customers and recent advertising, SHORESOXTM is becoming a well-known erosion solution throughout our state.

Offering erosion control as a part of our services provides us a great benefit. It allows us to take a different approach to gain access to communities that are happy with lake maintenance service but are in need of erosion restoration.

We’ve noticed that communities are now budgeting erosion restoration projects over a period of a few years which is similar to having recurring lake maintenance projects.

The costs of SHORESOXTM are fixed and the profit margins are high.

Distributing a product that is a permanent solution and can basically sell itself in a market where competition is slim and does not have a permanent fixture like SHORESOXTM has really shed a new light on our company.

Lake and Wetland Management has been continuing to grow rapidly and the demand for a proven product like SHORESOXTM is on the rise.

I’ll also say that, in any business, you must have a good working relationship with your product suppliers. The folks at SHORESOXTM, especially Daniel the founder and CEO, have excellent knowledge of and a passion for this industry. SHORESOXTM is an excellent company with an excellent product that is easy to do business with.

We hope to continue our business relationship long into the future.



Brian Fischer

Lake and Wetland Management, Inc.