SHORESOX™ Erosion Control

SHORESOX™ is the most innovative bioengineered “living system” developed to immediately halt soil erosion and stabilize shorelines and hillsides. Its unique design operates in balance with the principles of physics and the unwavering laws of nature

SHORESOX™ is the only erosion control solution that encompasses the shore bank and fully integrates into the bank or hillside- ultimately becoming part of the earth.

The bioengineering of SHORESOX™, including product development, continuous research and rigorous field testing spanned over a decade.

SHORESOX™ has been multi-patented, approved by governing authorities and proven in a vast variety of field applications over the years. The SHORESOX™ erosion control system has been installed on public and private waterways and professional golf courses throughout the United States.

SHORESOX™ has won a multitude of accolades, endorsements and testimonials from universities, governing agencies and customers.

The SHORESOX™ system works-naturally. Our customers know it and our competitors know it.



SHORESOX™ Brand Advantages


Patented Containment Unit

• Each SHORESOX™ is made from a combination of biodegradable burlap fabric and heavy-duty, photodegradable mesh.  This combination provides excellent water-retention properties as well as outstanding durability.

• The full degradation period is greater than five years, allowing ample time for vegetation to develop strong and secure root systems that will firmly hold soil in place.


“Open Design” System Provides Value and Flexibility

• One linear foot of SHORESOX™ provides approximately 5 ½ square feet of total coverage. This also enables SHORESOX™ the flexibility to cover an eroded area with a height ranging from just a few inches (~10 - 15 cm) up to approximately four feet (~1.2 m).  Competitive products must be stacked in rows, or tiers, to achieve the same maximum level of coverage.  Stacking multiplies of needed product, leads to increased project cost and often results in a very shoddy, unpleasing final appearance.

• Our “open system” design makes SHORESOX™ extremely lightweight. The containment system is inexpensively shipped “empty” direct to the installation site. This provides significant transportation savings over our competitors. It can be hand carried to the shoreline and easily installed with no collateral damage from use of heavy machinery.

• During installation, SHORESOX™ is filled with cost efficient, locally sourced organic materials which benefit local farm economies.  These organic materials may either be baled or loose, and either fresh or in a state of decomposition when used.  Recommended filling materials include:  oat straw, pine straw, barley straw, compactable (fertilizer-free) vegetation compost, etc.

• The flexibility and lightweight of the SHORESOX™ system design allows it to easily conform to the contours and irregularities of nature’s shorelines and hillsides. SHORESOX™ is a modular system and is available in four different lengths, making it easy for customers to meet their projects’ unique design needs: 25, 50, 100, and 200 foot lengths. (See “Product and Pricing” tab for more information).


Patented “Subsurface/Below Grade” Anchoring System

• The SHORESOX™ sub-surface anchoring system securely attaches the containment unit directly to the firm soil of the intact shore bank or hillside leaving the waterway undisturbed. Competitive shoreline products are typically fastened to the less-stable, water-saturated shore bottom, subjecting the fastening system to the forces of wave action, wind and ice-heaving, potentially loosening and destabilizing the product.

• This unique anchoring system also enables SHORESOX™ to manage incredible weight displacement.


Optimum Safety

• The patented sub-surface anchoring system used by SHORESOX™ provides unmatched safety. No exposed stakes virtually eliminates potential injury to humans and animals.


Re-vegetation, Filtration and Buffering

• SHORESOX™ provides superior buffering and filtration properties while also restoring the robust growth of new native aquatic vegetation.

• Once filled and secured, native vegetation (upland and aquatic plants) can be planted through the mesh and fabric layers.

• After installation, SHORESOX™ begins buffering run-off water and filtering invasive nutrients thus immediately benefiting waterways and ecosystems.

• SHORESOX™ can even be used in conjunction with “hard-armoring” systems, such as stone rip-rapping, to provide this important advantage.


SHORESOX™ Can Grow Food Sources

• The unique design of the SHORESOX™ containment system enables it to literally be used to grow food sources such as native wild rice, water chestnuts and more.


Easy To Install

SHORESOX™ can be easily installed by almost anyone. There is no need for machinery that causes collateral damage to the existing environment.  Using common hand tools, installation is completed as follows:

Place and partially secure the empty SHORESOX™ containment system in its intended location.

Fill the containment system with locally sourced organic material.

Roll the SHORESOX™ fabric over the organic fill to completely enclose the material and encompass the shore bank.

Secure SHORESOX™ to the firm soil of the shore bank or hillside using the patented anchoring system.


SHORESOX™ Product Patent

The patent registration was filed in March, 2009, and published by the U.S. Patent Office in December, 2011. The major claims of the patent define the use of an open or bag system to protect shorelines or hillsides from erosion. The patent also protects the use of the unique rope and staking system developed used in SHORESOX™.  This patent is specific to the area of erosion control and broad in its scope of application in that area. The patent also includes the use of SHORESOX™ to grow and cultivate food sources along waterways in which it has been installed.

US Patent No. 8,070,387 B2. Date of Patent:  December 6, 2011.


SHORESOX™ Erosion Control

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