SHORESOXTM Erosion Control

Nature’s Gold Standard

SHORESOXTM can solve a multitude of soil erosion problems including:

• Shoreline stabilization

Hillside stabilization

Sod restoration


We welcome Distributors and Dealers who are interested in solving soil erosion problems while protecting the Earth for future generations.



Mission Statement

Our goal is to immediately halt soil erosion and stabilize shorelines and hillsides for our customers in the most eco-friendly manner.

We accomplish this by providing you with the most effective bioengineered soil erosion solutions at the most economical cost that provide superior performance over time.

SHORESOXTM is dedicated to the highest standards of continuously delivering the ultimate in knowledgeable and professional service, innovative product design, reliability and customer service.

We pledge this to our customers and to the natural beauty of nature.



SHORESOXTM- How It All Began…

There exists an age old adage - “Necessity Is the Mother of Invention”.

The inventor of SHORESOXTM, Daniel Schaaf, believed in this adage. He not only believed – it became his life’s passion.

Being a lover of nature and the great outdoors, Daniel Schaaf saw first-hand the negative foreboding changes that were occurring along the waterways and in the bodies of water that he frequented over the decades. He saw the shorelines deteriorating and natural hillsides eroding. He witnessed people across the country as they fought to save, reclaim and stabilize the shorelines and hillsides that bordered their homesteads, favorite parks, golf courses and more.

Over the years, many methods used to attempt to solve the problems were simply not effective. Such methods often made matters worse over time. Daniel knew that Mother Nature was in dire need of an invention that would provide a natural solution. It was clear that this invention was absolutely necessary –and long overdue.

Out of this necessity was born the invention of SHORESOXTM. Other methods of shoreline and hillside stabilization seemed to work against the fundamental principles of physics and nature. Daniel knew, that to be successful, the SHORESOXTM solution had to be an innovative Bioengineered Natural Living System from its very conception.

SHORESOXTM could not simply be environmentally friendly. SHORESOXTM had to be uniquely designed in accordance with the principles of physics and also perform in harmony with the unwavering laws of nature.

The conceptualization of SHORESOXTM began in 2001. The bioengineering of SHORESOXTM, including product development, continuous research and rigorous field testing was completed in compliance with guidelines established by the Department of Natural Resources, Watershed Districts, Land and Water Offices, Department of Fish and Wildlife and numerous other governing agencies.

For over a decade, the quest was to locate naturally degradable materials and creatively develop innovative product design configurations for SHORESOXTM.

The final optimal choices resulted in the ultimate bioengineered, totally integrated soil erosion control solution. Plus, the SHORESOXTM system was designed to be easy to install and extremely affordable.

The objectives of the SHORESOXTM system were to immediately halt soil erosion upon installation, stabilize shorelines and hillsides, and restore the robust growth of native aquatic vegetation within a finitely planned period.

Mission accomplished. Installing the SHORESOXTM system results in stabilized shorelines and hillsides that flourish with natural beauty for many years into the future.

SHORESOXTM takes great pride in using locally sourced organic fill material purchased in the locale of the specific project installation area. This greatly benefits the local farm economies.

The original material used to fill SHORESOXTM was cornstalks, and today the product continues to be filled with a vast variety of locally-sourced agricultural  products such as oat straw, pine straw, etc….

SHORESOXTM is also proud to be made in the USA.

SHORESOXTM has been patented both in the U.S. and internationally. The product has been approved by governing agencies and proven successful in a vast range of field applications.  SHORESOXTM is constantly expanding across the globe.

SHORESOXTM has won a multitude of accolades, endorsements and testimonials from universities, governing agencies and customers. We are pleased to say that these positive validations of SHORESOXTM are multiplying at an ever-increasing pace.


Bottom line- the SHORESOXTM system works - naturally. We know it, our customers know it and our competitors know it.

Allow us to demonstrate the many ways in which SHORESOXTM can solve your soil erosion problems.

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